More Updates and Trailers: The Contender Muay Thai

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

As previously talked about in a summer post here’s some more info on The Contender Muay Thai that will be shown across Asia.

The latest trailer for the new series:

Here’s a sampling of the fighters and descriptions from - where you can get a full list and more descriptions on all the fighters.

Yodsaenklai Fairtex

Yodsaenklai is one of the biggest stars of Muay Thai
today. A former Lumpini Stadium and Toyota Marathon Champion, Yodsanklai is the current reigning WBC Muay Thai Champion. He currently fights for the Fairtex
camp, he’s a dynamic south paw fighter who’s known for his technical and
methodical fighting style. He has a 131 wins, 64 Losses and 3 draws.

John Wayne Parr

Parr is fighter based out of Queensland Australia. He’s started off life as a boxer and transitioned into Muay Thai. Parr was one of the original great “Farang” (Foreign) fighters who lived and fought in Thailand. Parr currently fights out of his own gym the Boonchu gym. Parr (66-22) is known for his explosive hands and an aggressive
fighting style. Some of his achievements include: IMF World Champion, S-1 World
Champion. Parr was also voted by the “Strongest Westerner in Thailand ‘97″ by
the sports writers of Thailand.

Naruepol Fairtex

Naruepol is another star in Fairtex’s stable of fighters, In addition to his 110 -41 record he’s a former Lumpini and Rajadomnern Stadium champion. Currently he’s the no.1 contender to challenge Nopadetch Choowattana for the WBC title. Naruepol is considered tall for a Thai fighter and is very effective with his knees and elbows.