Vanessa Hudgens: 18, Asian, caught naked - now what?

Monday, September 10, 2007

So how do you go from cute Disney star to barely-legal Polanski lolita? Maybe music really is the root of all evil - even the Disney kind…

If you haven’t heard by now, the ever popular Vanessa Hudgens who has risen to modest stardom through the Disney movie High School Musical (1 & 2) - and whose ethnicity is Irish and Native American on her father’s side, and Filipino, Chinese and Spanish on her mother’s side (who was born in the Philippines) - has literally been caught with her dress - and everything else completely down.

According to reports - actually her publicist - pictures circulating around the internet of her - some where she is wearing nothing at all - and which got out *gasp* by mistake - are indeed real.

And from there it all gets muddled - Disney fired her, then they say they didn’t, now they’re backing her - and now her legions of fans are backing her as well on her myspace page.

So where does that leave the once role-model who may have learned a thing or two from her peers if in fact this was a publicity stunt (and a stupid one at that because she was far more marketable before this)?

Asian, eighteen, caught naked - and waiting.