Notorious MSG

Thursday, September 13, 2007

From a recent article down at

After fleeing lowly lives as cooks in different Asian ghettos, the members of The Notorious MSG met up in New York City to break into the rap scene and educate the public on the dangers of the Chinatown hood and food delivery service. Well, that’s how the story goes anyway. As you might guess from their name, The Notorious MSG are the hip-hop equivalent of a mockumentary. But the threesome are starting to carve out a name for themselves with their goofball mix of gangsta flows, Chinese food puns and heavy metal riffs—recently landing a spot on the Van’s Warped Tour.

From a recent NY Post list:

Describing itself as a combination of Bruce Lee, Tupac Shakur and Lionel Richie, the Chinatown-based trio is the brainchild of three dudes going by the names Hong Kong Fever, Down-Lo Mein and the Hunan Bomb. This tribute to girls from Northern China - and the not-to-be-missed rap track “Chinatown Hustler” - is off their EP “Lunch Money,” out Oct. 9. Catch the band’s hilarious stage show Friday at Bowery Ballroom.

Go to the band’s site where you can view the music video for their song Chinatown Hustler.