Music Interlude: Amerie’s Gotta Work

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Enjoy a break with a music video from Amerie:

From a recent article in Singapore’s The Electric New Paper about Amerie who is 1/2 Korean & 1/2 African American:

In keeping up with her Asian heritage, Amerie, whose mother is Korean and father is African-American, has joined hands with Korean heart-throw Se7en.

Se7en is featured on Amerie’s single Take Control which can be found on the Asian edition of her latest album, Because I Love It.

She takes pride in being half Asian.

‘There aren’t a lot of people in this industry who are of Asian descent,’ she said.

‘I have a lot of Asian-American fans and I’m proud to represent them. Being in Asia now, is something very special for me.’

Her foray into the Korean market doesn’t end here.

‘It would be great if I could collaborate with other Korean singers like Rain and Uhm Jung Hwa in the future.

‘I would love to sing in Korean or even be in a Korean movie,’ said the charismatic singer who can converse in basic Korean.

And she has something in common with Singaporeans - a soft spot for Korean TV dramas.

She added with a laugh: ‘As much as I love Korean dramas like 1942, I can’t watch them all the time. They’re too depressing. Someone’s always crying and yelling. It gets too dramatic sometimes.’