Random Comments

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Four random reader comments from the last month or so:

The Illegal Alien Christmas Song: That's Just Not That Good

I havent heard it but my guess is going to be since it was created by two radio personalities, it was created for fun. Now since I HAVENT HEARD it, I dont know if it is racist but come on, it was supposed to be funny. We as a society need to stop worrying about insulting anyone who isnt a white male since that seems to be the only people that get made fun of anymore. (Unless the person doing the off-colored jokes is the same color as those being made fun of i.e.: Chris Rock, Carlos Mencia.) Lets get back to having a sense of humor folks.p.s. I havent heard it yet.

I Think I Hate You Leland Cheung

Color me just as green as you. But you gotta give it to him, the man sure can wear a suit well. I think I might have a new man-crush.....

From Frances Kai-Hwa Wang
Frances Kai-Hwa Wang And Multicultural Thanksgivings

After you posted this, the conversation really heated up and I got accused of all sorts of un-American activities...for preferring sticky rice stuffing. Who knew teriyaki turkey could be so controversial? The conversation continues two weeks later at http://www.annarbor.com/passions-pursuits/one-right-way-to-celebrate-thanksgiving-and-be-american--resisting-multiculturalism-diversity-tolera/ Thanks for the link! Frances Kai-Hwa

From happy@yahoo.com
Heath Hyche: Last Yellow Face Comic Standing

If you see the whole act, you will see that he makes fun of redneck Americans which I am and I thought it was funny as hell. Get your head out of your ass you slant eyed motherfucker bitch with a little dick.