PFP, ReAct, Yellow Face + Awards

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Kudos to all.

BroadwayWorld Seattle has released their nominations for best of 2011 and YELLOW FACE has snagged four nominations!

David Hsieh for director, YELLOW FACE
Moses Yim, Best Leading Actor in a Play (Local), YELLOW FACE
Jeremy Behrens, Best Featured Actor in a Play (Local), YELLOW FACE
Maggie Lee, Best Lighting Design (Local), YELLOW FACE

What's more...YOU, the general public, will select the winner!

Voting is open until December 31, so go to and vote for David, Moses, Jeremy and Maggie! (What? Stuffing the ballot box? Me? OF COURSE I AM!!!!). You have to given them your email, but let's show them how much YELLOW FACE touched and moved Seattle!