Soju Wanna Make A Video? KoreAm, Hite, Videos, And Unforgettable

Monday, November 07, 2011

Just in case you were wondering - that portion of the title wasn't me.

On December 3rd, the Korean American community will once again be gathering at the legendary Wilshire Park Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles for the 11th Annual ‘Unforgettable’ Gala.

A “Night of Entertainment and Awards,” Unforgettable Gala is a black-tie, red carpet, soju-filled event that celebrates Korean and Korean American celebrities and their strong presence and influence in mainstream Hollywood.As Presenting and beverage sponsors for 6 consecutive years for the biggest Gala of the year, Hite Beer and Jinro Soju will be hosting the hottest After Party to end the year in good spirits. To kick of ‘Unforgettable,’ Hite and Jinro are sponsoring a video commercial contest with KoreAm Journal, starring Hite Beer, Jinro Soju, and you!

This is a huge opportunity to showcase your talents, or even just to have fun and tap into your wild and creative side. Meaning, you don’t have to be a professional videographer to enter and make your very own commercial! And the best part? The prizes include: $1,000 cold hard cash, 2 entrance tickets to “Unforgettable” ($500 value each), a public viewing of your video at ‘Unforgettable,’ and/or a private party for the winner with Hite Beer and Jinro Soju products and materials provided and hosted by Hite and Jinro.Grab your video cameras, your cast and crew (or your friends) and start rolling the film! Submissions accepted until November 26th 11:59 PM!For guidelines and rules on how to enter the contest, check out “Soju wanna make a video” at: