You're A Dumbass Of Epic Proportions: James Schugel + WCCO

Monday, November 07, 2011

James Schugel

This isn't the first time WCCO has fucked it up (see this post) and if not for the good folks down at Next Media Animation who sent this my way, I wouldn't have even known (oh wait, there was a NY Post article on this too...).

Apparently WCCO reporter James Schugel was on the hot track of a story about a puppy mill selling sickly dogs when he discovered *gasp* that some of the dogs had been shipped to a Chinatown meat market and like the crack ass White Reporter he was decided to call the Dak Cheong Meat Market to ask if they sell dog meat and *gasp* misunderstood the person he was talking too because they thought he said "duck", so naturally they replied yes because who in their right fucking mind wouldn't sell duck if they were Chinatown meat distributors.

But if Schugel had actually done his reporting CYA style up front - due diligence - apparently he would have found out that the dogs getting shipped to the meat market should have never happened anyway (because they were supposed to go to a pet store).

Funny huh?

Schugel just ran with the story though because it was everything he wanted to believe about us - and WCCO his employer - well - they believed it too.

So they published it on their site.

Then realized what a colossal fuck up it was and promptly took it down.

No apology.

No thoughts on how the story and the 4th grade editing and fact checking plays into racial stereotypes or the relationship between the media and communities of color.


Just a blip on their radar.

Like it never even happened.