106 And Park + BET + Chinx = Promoting Racism And Bullying And Not Getting My Money

Thursday, June 26, 2014

First, any thoughts about this being an Asian versus Black thing can be left at the door - because it's just not like that and never will be.

Second, while I use the word racism in the headline, I do believe that communities of color can't be racist simply because of the nature of the word and all it entails. But at the same time, some Black folks just like some White folks can be stuck in the same mindset when it comes to Asian Americans, and in this case, this is one of those times, and I'm gonna call it like I see it.

So on we dive...

1. I just have issues with a dude who's pronunciation is a slur to the Asian American community, because while I'm happy for a man of color to get his due, I'm not into him getting his due with a name like that.

2. I'll never buy his album or go to his concerts and I hope that ALL POC who have a fucking clue won't buy that shit either - and think about a show where everyone is calling out his name - or chanting it nice and loud together as a group - yeah I wouldn't want to be in that crowd either.

3. Did you hear how the guy got his stage name (because apparently Lionel wouldn't be that cool)? From the Wiki of the Pedia:

He said he got the name "Chinx Drugz", "since I used to smoke a lot of weed back in the day, and this older chick used to call me chinkey and it stuck.
Ummm....okay - glad it stuck...and yes, while he may have had some other things to worry about while he was pulling himself up, Lionel, or his management, should have figured out that at some point, this might become an issue. And yes, since you know the genesis for his name, you can't defend it.

4. What the hell is BET and 106 And Park doing promoting this guy? Really? I've defended BET to crazy ass White Kids in the past when they've asked dumbass questions about why it was needed, and I still will if things like that come up again, but you can be sure about this - I'm not defending their choice to promote this guy.

What's next - a White Guy in Yellow Face rapping on 106 And Park?

5. Love thinking about how if this guy gets ubber famous they'll be White and Black kids all over the world slyly saying his name to Asian American kids with a wink and a beatdown...because that's what's going to happen - if it isn't happening already - because when you promote a guy like this you're giving ammunition to bully Asian American kids by racists and xenophobes.

That's it.