David Au + "Eat With Me" + Sharon Omi, Teddy Chen Culver, Nicole Sullivan, And That George Takei Cameo

Monday, June 09, 2014

Eat With Me
(USA, 2013, 95 mins, DCP)
World Premiere

Directed By: David Au
Screenwriter: David Au
Producers: Joyce Liu-Countryman, Michelle Ehlen
Cinematographer: Amanda Treyz
Editor: David Au
Music: Unobahn, Hit The Ground Running, Sam David

Cast: Sharon Omi, Teddy Chen Culver, Nicole Sullivan, George Takei, Aidan Bristow, Jamila Alina, Ken Narasaki, Scott Keiji Takeda, Burt Grinstead

Feeling invisible in her bland marriage, Emma moves in with her son, Elliot, who lives in a downtown L.A. loft. Elliot, a young chef, is facing foreclosure on his lackluster Chinese restaurant--and he's gay. Emma's disapproval has made strangers of mother and son, but the two need each other now more than ever, as Emma explores her newfound freedom--with the encouragement of a saucy new friend--and Elliot confronts his fears of intimacy. Words may fail them, but they find a common language through food. 
This auspicious directorial debut from David Au offers a fresh take on life, love and food in the heart of Los Angeles. This deliciously emotional and redemptive story is supported by an endearing cast led by Sharon Omi, Teddy Chen Culver, Nicole Sullivan and a cameo from Star Trek legend George Takei.


Site: http://www.eatwithmemovie.com/Home.html
FB: https://www.facebook.com/dumplingmovie
LA Film Fest: http://filmguide.lafilmfest.com/tixSYS/2014/xslguide/eventnote.php?EventNumber=2966

It will be making its World Premiere at the LA Film Fest on June 15th @ 4:30 PM. Tix are still available for the Rush Line - so get them now.