Forbes: I Just Take Issue With This Article On Donald Sterling...

Thursday, June 05, 2014

I think it's the fact that in the first paragraph they say:

L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling seems to be sitting pretty. Sure, he endured bad press and probably would not have sold the team were it not for the NBA action. He may not even get to do his own negotiating, since the NBA stepped in. But a $2 billion sale to Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer isn’t half bad.

That's what you call it?

Bad press?

And then you go over his tax structure, which was interesting and I know the intent of the article...but...

I just take issue with how you use words like "bad press" versus "racist actions", or even "alleged racist actions", or "bad press related to his views on race" and "NBA action" versus "NBA action, that threatened to throw him out because his views on race...".

See? I wordsmithed it so you don't even have to use the word Racist.

Call me crazy (but not an old White Guy) - but it just feels a little Whitewashed.