Bookish: Father's Chinese Opera

Friday, June 20, 2014

In the days of books where sometimes it's not always easy to find them featuring kids of color, I say to you, check out Rich Lo's "Father's Chinese Opera" from Sky Pony Press:

In an intriguing story that draws on author Rich Lo’s personal life, and features his own bright, mesmerizing illustrations, Father’s Chinese Opera (Sky Pony Press, June 2014) teaches children about hard work, patience, and the commitment needed to achieve an important goal, while introducing them to an important part of Chinese culture.

The Chinese opera is anything but boring. Songs, acrobatics, acting, and costumes make the opera a truly spectacular show to behold. Spending a summer backstage at his father’s Chinese opera, a young boy is instantly enamored with the performers and works hard to be a part of the show. Rehearsing the moves day and night with the show’s famous choreographer, the boy thinks he is soon ready to perform with the others. But the choreographer doesn’t agree. In fact, he laughs at the boy when asked to join the others in the acrobatics part of the opera. Upset, the boy runs home to sulk. What will he do next? Will he give up, or will he persevere and work his way up in the show?

Preschool-aged children will be drawn to the bright, vibrant illustrations and the main character’s determined spirit, while parents and educators will love the author’s note in the back about the history of the Chinese opera and the author’s father’s true-life experiences in it. This will give parents and educators something to discuss with children and help to expose kids to a different and rich culture. The theme of never giving up and practice makes perfect will be sure to inspire kids to work hard for their dreams
About the Author/Illustrator

Rich Lo is a professional artist born in Canton, China, to an artistic family. His father, Lo Tok, was a famous Chinese opera composer before the family immigrated to the United States. After attending Eastern Illinois University, Lo has worked on packaging and ads for national brands, books, and large installations in public buildings. Lo lives in Chicago, Illinois.

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And If You Were Curious About What Publisher's Weekly Said...

"Splashed with bright splotches of watercolor, Lo’s drawings highlight the ornate costumes and dramatic movements of the performers, as well as his young hero’s pride, annoyance, and determination."