Stay Angry: Help Make Angry Asian Man Better And Join Angry Asian Nation

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

In some circles (actually it's probably most) Phil Yu of Angry Asian Man is referred to as the Godfather of API bloggers. Sure, other members of the API community were doing their thing, but AAM was, and is, doing it on another level and on a more general scope for the whole API community.

And that takes a lot of work.

In Phil Yu's own words "It was basically like working two full-time careers."

And I can attest to that as well. When I was going full force while also doing my regular job, it was like working two gigs (now I'm kind of a part-timer who comes in when he wants to) and there's just a lot of work to be done: finding the stories and choosing the things you want to talk about, researching for more information, sifting through press releases (and then having to format them for online reading), sizing pics, emailing back and forth - and sometimes the last thing (but also important...) - adding in some words to a post and trying to make it sound coherent, without a cadre of editors.

It's fun - but it's still a lot of work.

So it's time to give back - join the Angry Asian Nation and help make it grow with a modest one time or recurring donation (we're talking like $1 or $2 here people) and keep the Angry going.

Make the Angry better.

Here's the post where Phil Yu talks about The Ask, the Anniversary, and joining the Angry Asian Nation and here's the direct donation page (read The Ask first).