3 Ways Han Can Be Resurrected For Fast 8

Sunday, October 18, 2015

So I've been saying this to numerous people - particularly K-Wife - that since we never saw the body of Han (and forget the funeral or last minutes in the crash) that they can bring him back for Fast 8. When I say this though it's usually met with a roll of the eyes by the non-believers - but I understand that too because I've never been able to follow it up with anything other than "But you never see the body! It's an opening!".

There's never been a "how". Just that I felt it could be done.

But last night, in a hazy dream fueled by too much homemade chili and a really warm blanket, it came to me.

I can bring Han back and I should share it with the world (or at least my parole officer).

Scenario #1: The Conversation Continued From Furious 7 In Japan Between Sean And Toretto

This is one of those flashbacks where we learn we didn't quite see the whole picture and in Fast 8, the flashback continues the conversation between Dom and Sean from Furious 7 in Japan, and as Dom is walking away after he gets the necklace and picture of Gisele he turns around because something doesn't seem right to him and he says something to the effect of "So you got the necklace and picture by the crash? Even though the car was melted down to almost nothing? How was that possible?" - and from there - just let your imagination go. Dom grabs Sean, Sean talks about how he can't trust anyone and with a flashback to Fast and Furious 6, we learn that Han was pulled out before the explosion (or after it quickly caught on fire) - maybe by an innocent bystander (someone new perhaps?) or maybe even Kamata's men from Tokyo Drift (because he still has to pay a debt) and has gone underground (even more than he was before).

Scenario #2: The Conversation Continued From Furious 7 In Japan With Han

Take the flashback from #1 except instead of a continued conversation between Dom and Sean, after Toretto gets in his car and starts driving in the Tokyo streets - during a stop at a crosswalk he happens to see someone who looks like Han - chases him down - and then the rest is history (Han tells him how he escaped but why he wanted everyone to think he was dead - something along the lines of death following him everywhere and not putting anyone else in danger).

A variation of this could also be Han knowingly stumbling onto Dom's car's windshield at a crosswalk (because he was shadowing him since he got into Japan) getting into his car (after Dom yells at the "bum" to get off his hood but then sees it's Han after he turns around and looks at Dom). They cook up the scheme to fake his funeral and keep him underground to help the team (and when it's revealed that Han is alive to the rest of the team you find out Han helped orchestrate some things from Furious 7 too ala "How do you think we got...").

Scenario #3: Han Just Shows Up For The Barbecue

The ultimate deus ex machina, Han does indeed just pull up in a nice car with tinted windows for a barbecue at the beginning of the movie - and while some are amazed - particularly Roman - others are not. Can't you see the nice banter as Tej explains how Han manged to get away from the explosion and then went underground, Dom talking about how he helped out in Furious 7 (see above) behind the scenes and Roman with his mouth just wide open going "But..."? And everyone else who didn't know about it just accepting it like it's the way it should be, and gives Han a beer and a burger saying how nice it is to see him?


I feel like one of these 3 scenarios (or a combination of them) will work and if the powers that be don't think so (that would be anyone) I urge someone to start a petition to simply bring Han back and let someone else figure out how to do it because remember - you still never saw the body...