#HillaryForPresident AKA Let The Games Begin AKA Why Would I Vote For The Old White Guy? AKA #NoMoreOldWhiteManBurnInMyCrotch

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

While I've had to take a little time off from over the last week or so, now seems the right time to make a post - because it's finally the Democrats turn at the debate podium.

And yes, you did read that title correctly.

While I would like to see some more diversity among the Democratic nominees - being a POC doesn't mean I'm with you (see Ben Carson) - at the end of the day - my vote is for Hillary.

She's got the experience. She's poised. She's not going to do damage like a Republican - and yes - I'm also going identity politics in the sense that I want to identify with a woman president (sure, it's not quite the same...but you get me).

The Burn?

It's not like he's a bad guy, or that I even disagree vehemently with his views - but is he going to be strides above Hillary?


Is Hillary going to run the country into the ground (and I ask that if you're a Bernie fan)?


So why wouldn't I want to vote for diversity?

For something different than a White Male? And I say that with respect to all the awesome Presidents we've had who just happened to be White Men...although "just happened to be" may not be a phrase that actually means "just happened to be" and "awesome" is probably debatable for some.


No reason.


I really do want to hear the phrase "Madam President".