The Microsoft Windows 10 "One Of These Kids" Ad Tells Me Asian Kids Miss The Bus And Do Hard Labor While White Kids Go Diving And Make Robots

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Yes, I do love their technology, but this commercial needs a little tweaking and yes, it's a little tongue in cheek - but my point is still made.

Asian Girl Misses The Bus

Everyone else in the commercial is frolicking around (well almost...) but this girl is missing the bus? And she's happy about it? And the bus isn't stopping? We all know any self respecting Asian girl who's in band won't be late for the bus. And she sure as hell won't be happy about it because she knows a whoopin' will be in order when she has to wake Daddy to take her to school (and apparently Daddy isn't awake anyway because he was out on a bender all night which explains why she missed the bus).

Asian Girl Does Hard Labor

If they want to call this "washing dishes" they can spin this any way they want - but look at that kitchen - that's industrial or at best a church kitchen. She's all alone in a dimly lit kitchen and I bet she's even standing on something because she can't even reach the sink.

That girl's doing hard labor and thank god she's not a smoker too because than I would be scared that propane tank might go up in flames (because no one apparently puts that away after they're done cooking).

The White Kids

I'm not saying there's anything wrong about diving and making robots (although I would like to see a diving robot in the commercial) but I'm just wondering why the White Kids aren't missing buses and doing hard labor.

How come they get off Dred Scott free?