Sorry Folks: Glenn Is MF Dead And I Don't Even Watch The Walking Dead (Although....)

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I get it.

I don't watch The Walking Dead for some reason (and maybe I'll binge watch it someday).

But I get the idea of Glenn as not only an actor, but an Asian American actor,

A heartthrob,

A hero,

A shining light,

A killer of zombies...

But even though you didn't really see a body (caught the recaps because there was crying in my house during that I figured I should at least check out the end)...

I'm sorry to say...

That MF's dead!


Or they could bring him back - like they can Han for F8 - don't cry too hard now.

Maybe he becomes the savior hybrid of human and zombie helping to lead the people (although I don't know where to because again, I don't watch The Walking Dead...which makes me a zombie in my house btw).