Push Back: Nicholas Kristof + Asian American Stereotypes

Monday, October 19, 2015

Glad to see a lot of people wrote in pushing back on the NYT article by Nicholas Kristof and the seemingly undending portrait of the APIA community as ONE ALL KNOWING CYBORG.

A snippet from one reader:

To the Editor: Nicholas Kristof associates the success of Asian-Americans with strong families and strong education. He completely misses the heterogeneity of Asians and the Asian experience in America. He equates Asians with East Asians and ignores the large number of South and Southeast Asians who still struggle to assimilate economically.

Vietnamese and Cambodians remain underrepresented in higher education and suffer from high dropout and incarceration rates. Recognizing the disparate experiences of Asians and how they are marginalized would help all Asians rise as their East Asian counterparts have.