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Saturday, June 28, 2008

News from around blogosphere:

JYP Thinks Rain is a Failure?

The Clouds (Rain's fans) were upset when JYP said, "If you compare the Wonder Girls vs Rain, 1/3 of Wonder Girls music income is more than half of Rain's music income." He continued, "Wonder Girls profits are high with low promotional costs and they have a hit song. On the other hand, you have Rain with high promotional costs and no hit songs at all."
New Asian American Cartoon Premieres on Nicktoons Tonight

Described by the New York Times review as "somewhere between 'Flower Drum Song' and 'Scooby-Doo,'" "Three Delivery" promises to deliver. Apparently, the storylines and characters are set in Chinatown, San Francisco, featuring two boys and one girl who were orphaned and now work at a Chinese delivery (bear with me), but their Asian background almost seems incidental.

We know what you're saying. President Dubya is DISGRASIAN OF THE WEAK? SNOOZER! The man is a walking, never-ending, spit-in-your-face, embodiment of disgrace. What the hell took you guys so long?
Chae Yeon the boss

Korean pop star Chae Yeon has opened her own fashion store at Seoul Fashion Centre on June 24, selling her own brand Bequem (German word for ‘comfortable’).
Kim Sharma - Hungry For Fame?

How far would you go for a photo op? How about posing while eating falafels? What?! That's right B-Town actress, Kim Sharma was out in Lokhandwala at the opening of Falafel Veg Hummus House.
Shuffled! Leonard Shek

Leonard Shek is a product of his environment. Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, his politics, life, and language are all a strange multi-cultural hybrid of the famously left and diverse region. As a jack-of-all-trades and a master of none, he juggles life as a writer, cook, graphic designer, restaurant consultant, and filmmaker.
Everyone Has to Play Ball -- Jindal's Latest

It’s dangerous to put politicians we like on a pedestal. Anyone closely watching Barack Obama’s carefully packaged campaign over the past few months must have noticed that he’s not some kind of liberal messiah, but rather a very astute politician, making some difficult pragmatic choices to win — without seeming to sell out entirely.
"It's the Questions...That's What It's All About"

If I can't ask a question on an Asian American blog without pissing off non-Asians, then where can I? Even my close friend (who is white) thinks I was overreacting by asking this question. But I meant to ask it. I wanted to ask it. And I don't think I should be vilified for asking it.
Shekhar Kapur: Second coming

After a decade, Shekhar Kapur is back in India for the long haul to finish his next film. In extensive interviews with Lounge-Mint, he talks about why he’s raising a $1 billion media fund.