DVD: "M"

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

When I posted about this movie before, around the time of it's theatrical release date in SK (and it'll be playing down at this year's 2008 NYAFF) the one piece of information that stuck with me from people's reviews was about the film's colors, the images, its dream-like quality - and after sitting down and watching it this week - it definitely comes through on those levels.

At the same time - as perfect as certain pieces of the film were - from Lee Yeon-hee's acting as the peculiar girl who seems to be getting stalked by an unknown (while at the same time following Kang Dong-won), to the bold colors and great imagery - somehow as good as the movie was, there were a couple pieces that just didn't seem to fit - especially from one scene in particular.

One scene shouldn't make or break a movie - and it doesn't - but in a movie like M, which almost seems to be perfect in a lot of ways - that one scene - which really has nothing to do with the movie whatsoever, really stands out.

Overall though - it's still a good flick to check out - and definitely see it at the NYAFF if you get a chance.