Race Roundup

Sunday, June 08, 2008

East Texas Dragging Death Remembered 10 Years Later (FOX)

National tributes are scheduled to take place to remember the life of James Byrd Jr., who was dragged to death from a truck in 1998 by three racist Caucasian men in the small east Texas town of Jasper.
U.N. Official: Mixed Racism Picture in U.S (NPR)

Barack Obama's presidential candidacy is evidence that the United States has made significant strides in race relations, according to Doudou Diene, a U.N. official who reports on contemporary forms of racism. But Diene tells Scott Simon that the resegregation of American cities and the poor state of public education remain key areas of concern.
The Civil Rights Movement Needs to Overcome Its Fears (Washington Post)

For some civil rights loyalists, myself very much included, it's hard not to feel a spine-tingling thrill. But for a surprising number of others, the overwhelming feeling last week was apprehension. "I knew the real war was on," one friend told me. "Obama had crossed the point of no return. It was like when Jackie Robinson finally made it to the major leagues. . . . Now the gloves would come off, and failure [in November], I knew, would feel like we all had lost it -- all of black America."
Racism not dead, but socioeconomics is bigger issue (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Condoleezza Rice has more in common with Carly Fiorina, former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, than she has with a never-married mother of several living in the 'hood. Colin Powell would be more comfortable associating with other high-achieving public figures, regardless of race, than with the average black high school dropout.
Don't Duck Racism (WTVH)

Hundreds of people were at the Inner Harbor in Syracuse Saturday to bring attention to the problem of racism. Syracuse and Onondaga County leaders declared today "Don't Duck Racism" Day on the 6th annual Duck Race to End Racism.
Open-Mic: Racism in Hockey (Bleacher Report)

His name is Willy O'Ree.

On January 18th, 2008, the Boston Bruins held a ceremony at the TD Bank North Garden to honor the 50th anniversary of his NHL debut as the first black man to play in the League.

However, the history between Black players and the sport of Hockey hasn't always been bright.