Just Saw: The Best of Slant Vol 1 - Asian American Short Films

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Back out in late February I made a post on The Best of Slant Volume 1 - Asian American Short Films - a cool looking DVD comp from films that played at the The Slant Film Festival - and just sitting down to see it a few hours ago, I wanted to make sure to post up on it again, because it's definitely worth a look if you haven't already caught it.

With eight shorts ranging from fun loving animations to weird pie makers to some introspective pieces (albeit without the humdrum historian in the background) here's a quick list of my top four from the 1 hour DVD in no particular order:

1. How to Make Kimchi According to My Kun-Uma: The funniest parts from this is how the filmmaker keeps on getting trashed in Korean and tells everyone he's not filming things even though he is.

2. How to do the Asian Squat: Shot like an education film from the 50's it shows the history of the Asian Squat - laugh out loud funny.

3. Slip of the Tongue: Just a cool flick that fused spoken word with great images.

4. Maritess vs the Superfriends: You really can't go wrong lampooning the Superfriends - and having the voice over from a live audience was a great idea.

While you might have seen a couple of the shorts from other festivals or in other media, there's probably something you haven't seen - but even if you have, it's just a nice DVD to add to your collection - so definitely get on out and either pick it up for purchase or rent it down at your local or online DVD shop.