Jeannie Mai: More Character Fantasy Than You Can Shake A Stick At

Sunday, June 08, 2008

A while back I had checked out this Fresh Off The Box interview with Jeannie Mai and was kind of stoked because I always thought she was great in Stir TV, so it was cool to see her move on to different projects like USA Network's Character Fantasy.

At the same time I don't watch USA Network a lot so I never really caught her in it - until this weekend when I happened to be catching a little of the movie Unbreakable - and I was thinking "I bet if I wanted to watch some past episodes someone probably has posted them on YouTube."

And I was right - in fact - someone just over the last three weeks has seemed to make it a mission to put a ton of Mai's Character Fantasy episodes (which run about 5 minutes a piece) up for anyone that missed them.

Pretty cool.

Check out the vids by following this link and also view an episode below: