Vietnam, Past and Present

Thursday, June 05, 2008

This sounds pretty cool. Check it out:

Six Vietnamese artists will leave Vietnam for Denmark on June 6 to participate in the "Vietnam, Past and Present" show in Copenhagen as part of Deputy PM Nguyen Sinh Hung’s official visit to Denmark from June 9-16.

"Vietnam, Past and Present" is an outdoor show that will be held from 3-7pm at the Nytorv Square in Copenhagen, organised by the Vietnam-Denmark Cultural Development and Exchange Foundation and the Vietnamese Foreign Ministry. The show was developed based on Vietnamese folk music like Cheo (traditional operetta), Xam (beggar’s songs), Quan ho (Love duet) and Cai luong (southern folk opera) and performed in World Music style.

Vietnamese folk music will be mixed with modern music to create a special kind of art.

"The show is a meeting between Vietnamese folk songs and modern western music, between traditional and electronic musical instruments to meet the strict requirements of European audiences. Through the show, European audiences will learn about a traditional, renovated and integrated Vietnam," said musician Quoc Trung, the show’s art director.
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