Ubuntu is the new Zen

Friday, June 06, 2008

I have to admit that while I'm all about the Big Three (and some guys named Rondo, Sam, P.J., and Kendrick among others), I also have another reason for rooting for the Celtics: Doc Rivers can become the first black head coach to win an NBA championship since K.C. Jones did it in 1986 (and 1984 too), coincidentally with the Boston Celtics as well - and while some of you might think it's a non-issue no matter what color you may be - to me it's significant - not just seeing more black head coaches in the NBA than in another Major League sport (which is significant in itself), but seeing a black head coach who's been vital in making the biggest turnaround in NBA league history go to the Finals and then win it all; because I never got to see K.C. Jones or Bill Russell do it.

I never got to know it in that way, and I want too.

I want to see Ubuntu become the new Zen.