FOX Channels moves into Korea

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sounds cool not only in part because it adds more media to the landscape, but also because one would hope that it keeps on adding to the connection entertainment execs should be making between Asia and Asian Americans - but then again it's probably just wishful thinking on my part:

Fox Intl. Channels will launch South Korean subsidiary Fox Ventures Korea this year.

FIC revealed the plan Wednesday at KCTA 2008, a digital cable TV showcase in Busan organized by the Korean Cable TV Assn. Ward Platt, prexy of FIC Asia, attended the show as a speaker.

A recent report by Hong Kong research outfit Media Partners Asia identified Korea as one of the most promising markets for pay TV expansion despite the emergence of regional giants India and China.

Korea is expected to see a boom in new TV services as regulatory change paves the way for cablers and IPTV service providers to battle it out for dominance of the living room (Variety, April 21).

Fox Ventures Korea will likely be established by July and rapidly expand into a range of new-media businesses in the country. It aims to provide digital video-on-demand service, launch an Internet advertising agency and offer new-media channels, digital games rentals, interactive service supply and theatrical movie distribution.
I know what you're saying - it doesn't really sound like it much - but the more global we get, the more we should see the crossover appeal from culture to culture.

I blame this post on it being a Sunday.