David Liu Goes To Knewton

Monday, August 02, 2010

Because I thought you'd just want to know - even though you might not even know what Knewton actually does.

Online learning startup Knewton has a new chief operating officer. David Liu, the former senior VP at AOL who spearheaded its Lifestreaming efforts and is also an angel investor (SimpleGeo, BlockChalk), is joining Knewton as COO and a member of the board of directors.
Who The Hell Is David Liu?

CrunchBase speaks to me:

David Liu is the chief operating officer of Knewton, an online learning platform.

Previously, he was Senior Vice President of AOL, Inc., overseeing AIM, ICQ, Bebo, Goowy Media and Socialthing products as GM of People Networks and subsquently head of AOL Global Messaging. David and his teams created platforms based on communications and social media delivered through desktop clients, mobile and web products for users worldwide.

David was responsible for all aspects of product management, design, engineering and business development for the Global Messaging business unit. In the past two years, David led the company’s efforts to completely open up the AIM platform and application, re-grow AIM and ICQ’s reach and engagement, rebuild Bebo’s product and US reach, re-conceptualize and launch a new AIM product globally, launch a new real-time social communication platform called the Lifestream, as well as played a lead role in acquiring and integrating Goowy Media and Socialthing companies.