Apple Versus South Korea And My Therapist's Leather Patent Shoes

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Just a little business news to throw your way (because I'm not good for much else these days - just ask my therapist - she says I should stop looking at her red leather patent heels in sessions to which I say "But I can't help it. I have issues. Isn't that what I'm here for? Aren't you supposed to help me with those issues?" - it spirals downward from there and I can't really tell you anything more because technically it's not ethical, but that's kind of moot actually because I really don't have a therapist - much to my friend's chagrin...)

Anyway - back to the task at hand.

Samsung vows to counter against Apple who claims the South Korean technology behemoth copied their phone and tablets.

I know this is all a part of business and getting the upper hand, but really - I think of it as The Great White Hope going up against K-Drama.

I think we know who will win.


I love you Son Ye-Jin.