A Busy Week, The Golden Rule, And Hai Muoi Hai

Friday, April 15, 2011

Dear Blog, Even though I said I'd be going 1/2 time for a while I still feel like I'm sometimes not giving you the love and compassion you deserve, which I know can sometimes actually mean my, because the blog is an extension of me, so maybe that means I'm not loving myself enough (even though those close to me will tell you differently) - but I just wanted to say "Hi" after an incredibly busy thank goodness it's over and I'm not taking any work home this weekend type of week (because like the true cubicle lover I am I'll do work on my day off next week). Also If I don't call myself an activist and a community organizer I can't be held to the same standards that someone who actually calls themselves an activist and community organizer would. Remember that I'm the laziest MF you will ever meet (and yes, you and I both hope that never happens because there will be awkward silence and you'll think to yourself "Well....this kinda sucks....who is this douche?" And Also... To my new club acquaintance Truong: Man I hope I look that good at 53 and damn straight - you got a lot of loving in the ripper room from the girl who said she could count in French and then proceeded to look towards the ceiling with a studios look on her face saying "Uno...dos....tres...." I'm not saying she's crazy. I'm just saying she can't count. In French.