LOL: Workin' Swine To Five

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Because we all love bacon.

Pork Filled Players are Workin' Swine to Five Punch in to Workin’ Swine to Five with the Pork Filled Players, Seattle’s longest running sketch comedy group! Running May 6 to 21, Fridays and Saturdays at 8 pm, Workin’ is sketch comedy on the funny side of the workplace, from morning java to Happy Hour, at the Ballard Underground (2220 NW Ballard Ave NW, Seattle, WA). Workin’ Swine to Five explores the quirks of the daily grind, as well as online addictions, Jane Austen acolytes, and plenty of kickass stage combat! Joining PFP (the Northwest’s longest tenured Asian American theatre group) are special guests Assaulted Fish (perennial favorite from Vancouver, BC), Seattle’s sketch comedy duo Charles and Bellingham’s sketch/improv sensation, The DK and Morgan Show. Led by Head Hawg Roger Tang and Lead Writer Maggie Lee (featured panelist at the Third National Asian American Theater Conference), PFP also includes Brian Beckley, Agastya Kohli, May Nguyen, Yvette Zaepfel and newcomer Narea Kang. Not only is PFP the only Asian American sketch comedy group in Seattle, but they also feature unique geek humor and a rare majority of female comedy writers/performers. For more information, check the PFP website at , the Facebook page ( or email at . Tickets can be bought online. Scientists, programmers and nerds by day…by night, they are the Pork Filled Players! Since 1997, the Pork Filled Players have waged a never-ending battle to unleash their funny bone on audiences of every race, creed and gender across the Northwest. Beneath their guises as mild-mannered engineers, journalists and office workers, PFP has honed their humor like a scalpel (or is it dull meat cleaver?) to whack away at notions of race, class and culture in 21st Century America. Adept at both sketch comedy and traditional theatre, PFP is redefining Asian American humor with maximum tongue-in-cheekiness, geeky wit and hilarious racial disharmony, all with an Amazing Kung-Fu Grip!