It's Racist Grandma Time!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sure - she may kind of, sort of, in some way maybe resemble someone who could possibly bake you some cookies (even though they might be laced with arsenic) - but really - she's just a racist White Lady.

Marilyn Davenport, the Fullerton grandmother and Republican official who gained national notoriety on April 15 after distributing a racist email image of President Barack Obama as a chimpanzee, has agreed to appear live Wednesday on California's powerhouse talk radio network.

The deal was set today, according to Tim Whitacre, a Santa Ana Republican activist and former U.S. Marine who is advising and supporting Davenport while Orange County Republican Party Chairman Scott Baugh, the man who defeated Whitacre for the party's top slot earlier this year, is calling on Davenport to resign over the scandal.

"Given the unfair light in which Marilyn has been portrayed by some opportunistic local Republican leaders, it is important for the public to hear straight from her," Whitacre said. "She has been falsely accused of being a racist."

Falsely accused?

When you send things like this in an e-mail I'm thinking I really won't touch those cookies after all.