#100PostsIn24HrsForAAPIHeritageMonth - 28 - From The Harlow Of The Monkey On The Ghost Of Sangju

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Here's an excerpt from a recent review of Asian American and AK writer Soojung Jo's Ghost Of Sangju:

Ghost of Sangju is a valuable contribution to the adoptee-memoir canon, and I recommend that adoption professionals and prospective adoptive parents in particular read this book. It might be difficult to read and tempting to discount Soojung and her omma’s story as only one story; it is one story, but it resonates because it is, in fact, many of our stories. It is time that these narratives are honored and validated, so that birth families and adoptees do not have to exist, as Soojung writes, as “a spirit suspended between two worlds and two families, to be forever in between.”