#100PostsIn24HrsForAAPIHeritageMonth - 37 - And George Takei Smacks Down Marvel With A Taylor Swift Video

Sunday, May 24, 2015

(pic from a BT tweet not related to the tweet I'm talking about but awesome still because it was encouraging Ireland to say YES! and we just love anything George Takei don't we?)

No really. It's true. Well sure, maybe not actually smacking someone down with a video because that actually can't happen right now unless I have on my Oculus VR® gear but you know what I mean...yeah?

From the Yibida:

"Star Trek" actor George Takei recently took to Twitter to praise Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" video and to call out Marvel for its lack of a movie with more than one female superhero. "Taylor Swift released her much anticipated video Bad Blood starring girl celebs as action stars. Come on Marvel, T. Swift is showing you up," Takei tweeted.

Tell it like it is GT!