#100PostsIn24HrsForAAPIHeritageMonth - 31 - Tony Hsieh And His Bid For Holacracy

Sunday, May 24, 2015

I'll definitely keep reading but if anyone is going to try this - why not have it be Asian American entrepreneur Tony Hsieh who's worth close to 1 billion (and apparently pretty down to earth).

In Holacracy, a key value is explicitness. At Zappos, all the roles, responsibilities and policies of the organization are stored in software known as “Glass Frog.” In his recent memorandum to staff, CEO Tony Hsieh writes: “We will continue using Holacracy’s systems and processes for prioritization and resource allocation, so it’ll be extremely important for all of us to keep Glass Frog up to date.” The challenge of making everything explicit and up-to-date in an organization as dynamic as Zappos is not trivial.