Getting Down Those Chinese American Stories + Ties That Bind

Friday, May 29, 2015

This was just an interesting story that I enjoyed reading and I'm glad is out there.

Back when the deep south still practiced racial segregation, Chen was allowed to be the only Asian student in an all-white school. He pointed to a picture of himself in the first grade — a Chinese boy in a bow tie smiling in the front row [...] For years, Chen had no memory of many things that happened to his family. But then in his 40s, he began to dig into his roots. And on Thursday, more than two decades later, Chen opened “Ties That Bind: A Transnational Family from China to the U.S.” at California State University, Los Angeles. The exhibit showcases a tale that spans 143 years, from the first Opium War to today.
Read it in full down at the Pasadena Star.