Android Time + Periscoping With Kina Grannis AKA Fine Don't Take Me Seriously And Look What You Miss Out On

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I swear that no one I know takes me and Periscope serious when I talk about it or anything I'm Periscoping even though it's one of the best things to come around the technology and communication block in quite some time.

It's live. From anywhere you and your phone are. It's instant boot up time. There's interaction.

It's still new and it can be made better. But live streaming, aka Periscoping and Meerkating - it gives content and stories in such a different way.

I got to take a look at master roasting/coffee beans at Starbucks, a bit of a Neil Diamond concert, Jin rapping, and just recently - when Periscope went live on Android OS - Kina Grannis.

Cool to see and she had one of the top 3 banners for Periscope at the time.