#100PostsIn24HrsForAAPIHeritageMonth - 32 - Keep Paying Lucy Liu Please Because She Needs To Get Paid

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Don't get me wrong - let's not go down that route - but I will tell you, when you do a search on Lucy Liu and her net worth you kind of find yourself thinking about the disparity between women in movies and film who command 10/15 million per picture and you have to wonder if we're ever going to see any Asian American women get to that place.

I'll definitely take being a multi-millionaire and being on my game - so again - don't get me wrong - I guess I'm just saying:

Keep paying her because I'd like to see her get to 100 soon.

Edit: * Note - I feel like it should be more and I haven't verified that number extensively so this is a what if as well kinda thought.