#100PostsIn24HrsForAAPIHeritageMonth - 29 - Why Does The Washington Post And Marissa Payne Still Use The Word Chink? Yes. It's Racist To Use That Phrase

Sunday, May 24, 2015

I just don't get what's so hard about having to remember to NOT use the word Chink? You should be *** that shit out if you're not Asian American.

You don't get to go there.

And yes - it is no surprise that it's a White Woman. Because it's not like an Asian American woman (or man or seeing eye dog for that matter) is going to use that phrase in their article (well - let's at least hope not...).

Here is the paragraph in question:

That said, Nadal has won 17 times on clay this season, a run that was good enough to get him to the finals against Andy Murray in Madrid and to the semifinals against Djokovic in Monte Carlo. He lost both, but according to defending French Open women’s champion Maria Sharapova, the recent chink in Nadal’s armor has hardly been enough to warrant pessimism about his future, especially considering he’s the defending champion at Roland Garros.

I guess Marissa Payne is just lazy?

And racist?