DVD: Tokyo Streets

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Microcinema who also brought you Slant Vol. 1 have released a new flick called Tokyo Streets all about the fashion of Tokyo. Here's the synopsis:

Following the success of their first DVD – Swiss Fashion Design, the creative designers of fashionshow.ch would like to introduce to the world the lifestyle of the residents of Tokyo. The images gathered over a month’s stay in Tokyo are the
basis of a DVD entirely dedicated to urban fashion trends of the Japanese capital.

Our first DVD focused primarily on fashion designers and fashion shows for enthusiasts. The “Tokyo Streets” DVD shows
how in Japan fashion is more a form of popular expression than a world reserved for people in the fashion industry. Our DVD tries to show the raw emotions felt by westerners during their trips to Japan where they experience this fascinating new world.

We consider our DVD as a new multimedia genre and not as a simple means of dissemination for a film. The menu will be based on a metro visit to some of Tokyo’s neighborhoods. You will be able to see the movie in one go or chapter by chapter.
We are trying to promote a visual system that can be functional for people of all cultures.
You can check out more at the microcinema site here and view the YouTube clip below.