Midwest Asians and the APCC

Monday, March 10, 2008

Sometimes it's easy to forget that the Midwest has 1 million+ Asian Americans dwelling inside its landscape helping to create a rich and diverse community, because in a lot of ways we only think about the coasts - but really - how can we look past 1 million Asian American faces?

Right now there's a project in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area that is working to create one of the largest Pan Asian Cultural Centers in the United States, and while they've received about 1 million dollars towards the project already - which is a great sign - they could use support, or else the project may not get completed.

If you're in the area you can help support the project by calling 651-296-3391 which is a voice hot-line for the project and leave your name, what city you live in and that you support the creation of the new Asian Pacific Cultural Center up until this Thursday. Apparently all calls are logged and counted and it will help add support for a bill which will give state bonding funds to the project - which is needed for the building where the center will be located.

Go to the project's website at http://www.apccmn.org/ where you can view more about it and see other ways to help offer support.