Japan looks to ban P2P and RAIN is everywhere

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

This is an interesting article on Japan and how they are working with ISP's to help with file illegal file sharing:

Add Japan to the list of countries cracking down on illegal file sharing over the Internet. Amid ongoing pressure (not surprisingly) from the record and movie industries, the country’s four major Internet service provider organizations have agreed to cut off web access to those who repeatedly engage in illegal file-sharing.

Apparently they don't have anything like deep packet filtering in the works right now, but it begs the question really of who's Internet it really is and how far ISP's have a right to look at P2P sharing.

I'm just glad I'm live in the U.S.

On another note, while I know RAIN is huge world superstar - it's just interesting to see it in full view - because really - he is everywhere, and on everything - even in places you may not expect it.