That gives me wood: The Vatican's New Sin List

Monday, March 10, 2008

I was reading some of the Vatican's new sins from a Reuters' article and I wondered to myself how new sins like "Thou shall not pollute the earth" and "Thou shall beware genetic manipulation" actually come to be, because I can't really remember the last time the Vatican came out with some new sins and it kind of excites me.

Like is there a big sin suggestion box where everyone gets to put something in, or do they battle it out in a game of bocce ball to see who's sins make it to the final round, and if so, might they have a voter segment via text messaging in the future?

Maybe it's more godly though - maybe there's a big heavenly pimp that comes to visit people in dreams and in between giving sleepy advice on how to take down an Episcopalian or not touch themselves during confession also doles out new sins and PR advice to the Vatican management.

I mean I'm not really sure, but I figure it has to be something more than just one single white guy drawing up some notes on the back of a bible and saying "Just go with me on this one."