Race Roundup

Monday, March 03, 2008

Pair of UI students report racist graffiti

University of Iowa senior Justin Talley said a startling discovery Sunday afternoon will make him think differently about the community he lives in. Talley, 21, from Fairfield, said he and his roommate, UI senior Ryan Thomas, 21, from Cedar Rapids, found racist graffiti on the front door of their apartment at 515 E. Jefferson St. Talley said some friends of his, who also live in the apartment building, first saw the markings on the door when they came to visit at about 1 p.m. "My first reaction was disbelief," he said. "I was pretty angry about it. It’s 2008; why is this still happening?" Talley said someone drew pictures of nooses and Ku Klux Klan symbols, along with racial epithets, using a permanent marker. He and his roommate are both black.
Trooper's Racist Rant Caught on Dashcam Video

South Carolina Highway Patrol is under scrutiny after the release of a controversial dashcam video. Audio on the tape captured an officer using racial slurs against an African-American -- and threatening to kill him. The trooper, off camera but whose voice is recorded, is later heard bringing the man back to his patrol car.
Teen Arrested For Racist, Anti-Semitic Vandalism

Fort Thomas Police have just arrested a juvenile for spray painting racist and anti-semitic messages. Police say our report on the vandalism Monday night helped lead to the arrest. Fort Thomas Police say the graffiti started last summer with the initials "e-j" or "l-j" painted near Highland Park. Then a house, a car, and a wall in a park were hit. This past weekend, Swastikas were painted on the walls of Saint Catherine's Church. Police say the 15-year-old is from that neighborhood.
Idaho Planned Parenthood agreed to racist donation

Planned Parenthood of Idaho is taking (justifiable) heat after an employee agreed to take a donation aimed at aborting black fetuses. The call to Idaho came in July to Autumn Kersey, vice president of development and marketing for Planned Parenthood of Idaho. On the recording provided by The Advocate, an actor portraying a donor said he wanted his money used to eliminate black unborn children because "the less black kids out there the better."
Racist university video causes outrage in S.Africa

A video of white South African university students feeding black campus cleaners soup they had urinated in has caused outrage in a country scarred by decades of apartheid. University classes were cancelled and staff and students protested on Wednesday, demanding action against the four men.The video shows one student urinating into a container of soup placed on a toilet seat at the University of the Free State, situated in a conservative Afrikaner farming region. "This is the final ingredient," he said before heating the soup in a microwave oven and giving it to the elderly cleaners -- four women and one man.
CSS responds to racist incidents

When Jessica Doss went outside her College of St. Scholastica apartment building on the morning of Feb. 3, she saw racist terms and a swastika drawn in the frost on her friend’s car. "We all thought it was a joke at first,” she said. “We realized it was not a joke." Doss alerted the car’s owner, who is white. The car’s owner lives with international students who are black, one of whom drives the car frequently and whom Doss believes was the target. The presumed target wouldn’t comment for this story because she fears for her safety.