Election 2008: Going down to the wire

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I was glad to see Clinton pull out wins in Ohio and Texas last night, shortening the gap between her and Obama who are running almost neck and neck now, because I want to see this go down to the wire -- I want to know that people across the country have a hard time when thinking "Do I want to see a man of color or a woman take the highest office in the United States?" - and that there's support for either side.

Obviously I know there's more to Sens. Clinton and Obama than their gender or color - but I also know the reality - that it does matter - that it is important - that it is historical in this context, and in this sense I'd rather not see a landslide on either side, or a concession to pull out of the race too early, because it's too close.

I want to see each side fight for their place in American history, to know that whoever comes after them and follows in their footsteps - that they can look back at this election and say to themselves that no matter what their gender, color, or ethnic makeup, that as a nation - we'll support them as far as we can - as far as they can take themselves.