Film: Kissing Cousins

Friday, March 07, 2008

Billed as a "relatively romantic comedy", Kissing Cousins stars Samrat Chakrabarti as Amir, who's a professional break-up messenger, and Rebecca Hazlewood as Zara, his first cousin who pretends to be his girlfriend when she meets his friends:

Amir, 29, is a heartbreaker. Literally. As a relationship termination specialist, providing dumping services for disgruntled daters, Amir spends his days delivering bad news to unsuspecting lovers across Los Angeles and retrieving his clients' belongings (underwear, CDs, photos, etc).

When Amir returns to his family's Bay Area home for Thanksgiving, he is reunited with Zara, his charming and beautiful cousin from Britain who he has not seen in twenty years.

With the prompting of Amir's parents, Zara hitches a ride with Amir back to LA, only planning to stay a few days. Along the way, Amir tells her about his friends and their bachelorism and she is sympathetic. When she meets them, she surprises everyone, including Amir, by introducing herself as his girlfriend.

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Kissing Cousins' makes its debut at SF Int'l Asian American Film Fest on March 19th. The film also stars David Alan Grier, Jaleel White, and Manish Goyal (who's also a producer of the film). For more see the Kissing Cousins' movie site, Rebecca Hazlewood's bio, and Samrat Chakrabarti'ssite.