DVD: Slant Volume 1 - Asian American Short Films

Friday, February 29, 2008

Slant Volume 1 - Asian American Short Films is a collection from the Slant: Bold Asian American Images festival which is curated by Hyphen founding editor Melissa Hung. The DVD seems to have a wider release date of 4/29/2008 at most online shops - but it looks like you can buy it now from the microcinemadvd site.

Here's the film summary:

The Best of Slant Vol 1 features a collection of short films culled from seven years of Aurora Picture Shows annual Slant: Bold Asian American Images festival. The Slant festival annually showcases the best in emerging Asian American cinema. Since its start in 2000, Slant has screened an eclectic mix of films that explore a wide range of topics and genres such as the smashing of stereotypes, off-beat comedies, family stories, explorations of culture and identity, and universal themes like love, loss, the human condition.

Slant curator Melissa Hung is the founding editor of Hyphen, a magazine about Asian American culture. She is a frequent speaker on the topic of Asian American media and independent media. She lives in Oakland, California and works for the San Francisco WritersCorps, a creative writing program for urban youth.

Films in the Compilation include: 1. How to do the Asian Squat by Daniel Hsia 2. Lilo and Me by Kip Filbeck 3. Maritess vs the Superfriends by Dino Ignacio 4. A Little Bit Different by Lynn Okimura 5. Profiles in Science by Wes Kim 6. I Pie (A Love Store) by Nobu Adilman 7. How to Make Kimchi According to My Kun-Uma by Samuel Kiechoon Lee 8. Slip of the Tongue by Karen Lum.

View the YouTube trailer (the one at microcinemadvd is a little smaller but has a better resolution).