And In Related News: The Prosecution Rests

Monday, May 04, 2009

If for a moment you didn't think the last post's subject matter didn't have any consequences - I'll just hit you up with this from

The prosecution has rested its case against two eastern Pennsylvania teenagers charged in connection with the fatal beating of an illegal immigrant from Mexico. Prosecutors say 25-year-old Luis Ramirez was attacked by a group of racist white high school football players in the small town of Shenandoah last summer.

They say Ramirez was punched in the face and knocked unconscious, then kicked in the head as he lay motionless. Medical experts testified Wednesday that Ramirez's injuries were consistent with a punch to the face and a kick to the head.

Seventeen-year-old Brandon Piekarsky is charged with third-degree murder and ethnic intimidation. Nineteen-year-old Derrick Donchak is charged with aggravated assault and ethnic intimidation.
It's just talk radio though right?