Facebook Shuts Down Isle of Man Site

Monday, May 04, 2009

I guess since they haven't had a ton of good press these days, it seems Facebook was at least due for some, even if it is from across the pond and has something to do with their TOS:

The 'Isle of Man KKK' page urged members to cleanse the island of newcomers.

Almost 100 youngsters had subscribed to 'Keep the Isle of Man white and free from foreigners' which carried a picture of a hooded Ku Klux Klan member.

The group's creator told members online: 'There are too many comovers (sic) [non-British] on the Island. They are taking all of the jobs, houses and most of all they are taking advantage of our ****ing Island. .... join us and help clense (sic) the Isle of Man.'

Students at all six secondary schools on the island - including the public King William's College - had joined.

One message posted on the group's "wall" said: "Damn blacks and indians (sic), coming over here taking our jobs - who the **** do they think they are?"
I guess this proves racists can't organize - at least smartly - because you'd think they'd at least find something bettter than a Facebook group that can be taken down so easily.