Jordan Nagai, Up, And Russell (Cute Chubby Asian American Kid)

Monday, May 25, 2009

If you haven't heard by now - because blogosphere has been buzzing (at least the AA blogosphere), the voice of Russel in the Disney/Pixar film Up is voiced out by Jordan Nagai (see Asian American kid) which makes sense since this character is Asian American

Don't take my word for it though - here's what other sites say too:

Having won many awards playing Lou Grant from "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and his own spin-off "Lou Grant," Ed Asner does cranky well, but young Jordan Nagai steals the show as Russell, a chubby Asian kid constantly jabbering and asking questions to the impatient old man. We don't want to spoil too much of the fun that happens once they arrive at Paradise Falls, but once there, they start to encounter a few other strange characters who'll be along for the adventure including an odd colorful bird who the boy names "Kevin" and... a talking dog.
USA Today

As for Up, Pixar's 10th outing, which opens May 29, about a cranky codger and an overeager Asian kid who fly off to South America in a house hoisted by helium balloons, it will likely be the first film that all three — father, mother and child, who turns 2 today — enjoy together.
All you have to do is look at the kid - he's Asian American.

But now there's at least some more text backing it up.