Wan Goes City Council

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Caught this up and just thought I'd post out the snippet for all my people out in Atlanta - District 6 to be exact:

On Wednesday morning, gay business owner and community volunteer Alex Wan met with Southern Voice to announce his bid for the seat, which is currently held by Anne Fauver, the Atlanta City Council’s only openly gay member.

Fauver had initially said she would seek a third term, but dropped her reelection bid last month, leaving gay business consultant Steve Brodie as the only announced candidate. Brodie came within five votes of unseating Fauver in 2005.

“I think an openly gay person or Asian-American person being elected to City Council sends a huge signal about how open the city is,” Wan said. “If there is representation on the governing council of the city, I think that alone sends a huge message about openness and diversity.”
Read it in full here.